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Fractal Worlds is a strategy board game series currently being developed. The first episode is called Fractal Worlds Sidiah.

Fractal Worlds Game

Have you ever visited a fractal planet?

Fractal Worlds offers a host of fractal planets to explore.

Hopefully coming soon!

About Fractal Worlds Sidiah Boardgame

In this first episode your crew of the Celestial Exploration Federation-CEF forced landed on planet Sidiah damaging the quantum travel spacecraft Nymia.

Your mission, to swiftly find and gather required resources to repair Nymia.

Sidiah is a morphing planet. and will reach maturity shortly. You must bolt from Sidiah before it implodes. Choose your escape strategy wisely. Your life is in the balance!

Setting of the Fractal Worlds

Fractal Worlds takes place in a far away galaxy populated by numerous fractal planets: Sidiah, Orgon, Xula, Tenimium are a few of them. The galaxy was up until recently never visited by humans. The latest in quantum travel technology allowed the Celestial Exploration Federation (CEF) to send its first crew to what is called the Fractal System.

Multiplayer Strategy Game

Fractal Worlds Boardgame is a multi-player strategy game designed by Ian Reid.

About the Designer of Fractal Worlds

One of Ian's nicknames is Curiousian. He naturally loves to try everything! From web marketing, video, photography, construction, and pretty much every sport there is a name for. He has operated businesses, organized conferences, and has held various office jobs in business processes and helped startups get organized early on in his career. 

His colorful life experiences led him to pursue a master's degree in design thinking, innovation and strategy in part to further his knowledge yet also driven to have the opportunity to work with others who think like him. Name a challenge and he will explore it in one way or another to manifest a viable solution!

Board games are a passion. He doesn't consider himself a pro but more like a good student with an overly creative mind. It's possibly in part due to incessantly playing with legos as a child, or the model planes and cars he assembled, glued and painted so meticulously.

It was rare that Ian would assemble the lego's suggested design. He would leave the plans in the box and start building his own creation.

Now, here he goes again creating his own design - this time an innovative board game. He does enjoy and play games designed by others by the way!

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